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Founder & CEO

Joshua Forbes - Social Media Dynamo

Joshua is an Honest, Motivated and Imaginatively Talented Executive. A Likable People Person who is a Straight Shooter and Loves Giving Back to the Gaming Community. Enjoys Professional and Personal Development, Executive Challenges and Business Problems. Business Development Professional who is able to Lead Teams and Build Projects with Unique Products and Services.

Experienced Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the Computer Software Industry. Skilled in Sales, Workflow Management, Team Building/ HR, Management, MVP, Web, Game, Apps Design & Social Media. Strong eSports Niche Awareness, with a Focus in Gamification, Tournament Modes/ Modules, Esportsification, Pro Gaming and Wagering/ Betting.

A highly gifted esports professional, with over 20 years of experience with professional gaming and esports. For the past 10 years or more, Joshua has been accruing real-world experience, in the fields of business admin, team leadership and computer science. Joshua started with nothing, only himself and a computer to build respectable online media businesses.

Joshua is adaptable, hard-working and focused, allowing him to work on several projects, by leading remote teams from around the globe, inspiring a new generation of esports enthusiasts to reach for the stars, follow their dreams and never give up!

It's true, Joshua has earned a lot of respect, over the years, with professionals from all over the globe. He has risen to become an experienced professional networker, senior esports expert and technical media consultant. He is defined by his strength in helping others and loves lifting people up.

An inspiring person who is able to dramatically change the lives of millions of users online or the guy next door. Joshua possesses a wealth of business secrets, silent understandings, and knowledge for advanced business and an eye for quality, which has set him apart as a strong leader in the gaming industry, financial sectors and intellectual property arena.


We are a tightly knit, highly co-operative, group of experienced executives, managers and marketing experts. We have been running projects and working together for years to achieve and deliver business goals as a team.