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If your business relies on your website for incoming business, then it’s important that  your website is seen by as many people as possible which means getting it ranked higher in the organic search listings in Google. For a website to rank higher and be more prominent in online search, it needs to be optimized for search engines to read, understand and index it correctly. This increases the chances of your website to be served up to potential customers when they perform an online search related to the products or services your business has tooffer.

SEO when structured correctly, can provide the most cost-effective digital marketing solutions for a website. However, it can take a long time – and be a very daunting task for non-SEO professionals which is why we offer this service. Ideally it should be part of an ongoing strategy for you simply because the algorithms
used by google change constantly.

Here at do my social, we recommend both a one off “Boost” that firstly rectifies any issues it may have in communicating with the search engine and then helps to Boost your search results as well as monthly package that keeps it there. Periodic progress reports will be provided, with details of the SEO work carried out on all of your social media platforms and details of the improvements made and the results achieved.


• Set up your online SEO efforts by adding keywords to point to your website

• Make sure that your site is visible and ranking on Google search engine

• Promote your website through Google using advanced SEO techniques

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